Curriculum Statement

At Ashill Primary School we have designed our curriculum with the intent that our children will become independent, resilient, well rounded learners who have the soft skills necessary to become successful adults, capable of taking opportunities beyond their environments. To enable this, we offer a curriculum that has three core values at its heart:  

  • achieving academic excellence,  
  •  inspiring a curiosity for learning,  
  • developing personal and moral attributes, passions and talents.  

We aim to deliver a curriculum that:

  • Inspires creative learning through excellent teaching practice, building on prior knowledge and allowing for repetition and progression of skills that build on high expectations.

  • Is inclusive, develops self-confidence, is aware that our children are unique and recognises their potential.

  • Encourages our children to be self-motivated, independent and resilient by encouraging curiosity and developing research skills, allowing them to learn from mistakes, whilst consolidating and extending their knowledge.

  • Challenges our children to achieve success in and out of the classroom and use outdoor provision to enrich the curriculum.

  • To produce globally-aware citizens who are knowledgeable about the world in which they live and their footprint upon it.

  • Gives equal value to physical and mental well-being to ensure they are well prepared for their next stage of education

  • Embedding, throughout all learning, Ashill’s  core values; excellence, courage, collaborative service and compassion are at the heart of our curriculum. 

Our curriculum is built upon five key foundations: 

Subject Knowledge 

Through research and quality professional development, our teachers are experts in the  subjects that they are teaching. Their passion and depth of understanding will ensure that  the children are enthused and inspired by their new found knowledge. Each year of  teaching will build upon the prior learning set down. 


‘Metacognition’ is the process of thinking about thinking. In all our learning, we provide  children with the metacognitive tools (or ‘thinking’ tools) that they need to organise their  understanding. By engaging with our curriculum, we will teach our children to become  critical and resilient thinkers who are not only confident to ask questions, but who are  informed and articulate enough to ask the right questions.  

Polished Products 

Throughout the curriculum, children’s learning will work towards a purposeful final product.  We believe that there is much learning in the process of evaluating and editing. Carefully  considered feedback from adults enables children to make substantial progress when  planning, developing, honing and producing a finished product.  

Oracy and Vocabulary 

A love of language and effective communication is central to our curriculum. We ensure  that our children speak with enthusiasm from their earliest years and rapidly acquire the skills  that they need to be confident, but considered and considerate orators.  


Providing our children with memorable experiences is key to our curriculum offer. We ensure  that every area of learning is supplemented with visits and trips, encounters and adventures  which will equip them with the confidence, knowledge and skills they need for a successful,  happy and productive life. 

Every subject in our curriculum has been carefully designed. The documents on this page  provide intent, implementation and impact statements for each area of learning.

For further details on our Curriculum please contact the school office. 

Curriculum Progression

Curriculum Statements


Page Downloads Date  
Ashill Intent statement January 2020 10th Jan 2020 Download
KS2 4 Year Rolling Curriculum 14th Nov 2021 Download
KS2 Further curriculum information 21st Sep 2018 Download
Remote Learning Plan 2020/21 23rd Oct 2020 Download
Remote Learning Plan Update January 2021 22nd Jan 2021 Download
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