For reasons of smartness, giving children a sense of identity, particularly on visits, bringing the school in line with neighbouring schools and providing safe and practical clothing, the following has been agreed.
Our expectation is that all children will wear school uniform and this will be positively reinforced at school.
There is a clear code of dress (see below).  School sweatshirts and other items of uniform can be obtained from Taunton Uniforms.   Summer dresses can be bought from other outlets.
White shirt/blouse or polo shirt
Dark grey skirt/pinafore OR in the summer, a maroon gingham / striped dress
Maroon school cardigan or sweatshirt
Flat shoes
White shirt or polo shirt
Dark grey trousers or shorts
Maroon school sweatshirt
Sensible, dark flat shoes
Fleeces (optional) but advisable for the Winter/Spring terms 
School baseball/sun hats (optional) but advisable for the Summer Term

Shoulder bags in school colours (optional Yr 1-6) can be purchased along with book bags.

Reception will need wellies to be left in school.
Please mark all clothing with your child’s name.  Please ensure that coats have loops for hanging them up.   Lost property is cleared at the end of every term and half term.
For PE, please provide your child with white/black/navy shorts and plain white t-shirt (no logos, please): maroon joggers are advisable for the colder weather.  For hygiene reasons, children must change for PE and games, and change back afterwards.  For activities such as football, it is advisable for children to have football boots.  PE kit can be kept in named drawstring bags (or similar, eg. shoulder bags) in the cloakroom.
In the interests of safety, children with pierced ears should only wear studs in school.  Parents are advised that even with studs there is an increased risk of injury in the event of an accident.  It is recommended that children with long hair have it tied back for reasons of hygiene.  Unless there is a note from home, all children must take part in all PE and games lessons.
Uniform can now be purchased direct from Taunton Uniforms and there is a stock of every size jumper and cardigan on display in their store.  The shop is in East Reach, Taunton between Illuminations light shop and Papa John’s Pizza.  There is parking behind the store.  You can click and collect on the website http://tauntonuniforms.co.uk/  or any size order can be posted for £5.50.   In store, uniform can be tried on for size and it can be embroidered while you wait, or you can ring ahead (tel: 01823 278080) and it will be ready when you get there.
They also stock all other kinds of school uniform.
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