Letters Home

Letters Home Date  
Ashill School Calendar Dates 2023-24 12th Sep 2023 Download
Letter to parents & carers 06/09/23 06th Sep 2023 Download
Diary Dates 2022/23 Updated January 2023 31st Jan 2023 Download
A year Of Reading Challenge 02nd Nov 2021 Download
Transition letter to parents May 2021 18th May 2021 Download
A Letter From Suzanne Flack Jan 15th 2021 15th Jan 2021 Download
Letter to parents 04-11-20 04th Nov 2020 Download
Food Bank 20th Oct 2020 Download
School Newsletter 25th Sept. 2020 25th Sep 2020 Download
Letter 09-09-20 11th Sep 2020 Download
Returning To School 10th Sep 2020 Download
Measles and Chicken Pox 09th Sep 2020 Download
Parent Flow Chart COVID-19 04th Sep 2020 Download
Letter To Parents Re: September 2020 16th Jul 2020 Download
Staffing Update 29th Jun 2020 Download
Letter To Parents / Carers 12th June 2020 12th Jun 2020 Download
Home/School Agreement COVID-19 12th Jun 2020 Download
Partial Re-Opening Of Ashill School 20th May 2020 Download
Teaching & Learning Committee 06th May 2020 Download
Super Hero Fitness Workouts Provided by SASP 20th Apr 2020 Download
Introduction to IXL 12th Mar 2020 Download
A Letter From Joanne Crocker 7th Sept 2021 07th Sep 2021 Download
Advice On School Work Adjusting To Being at Home 20th Mar 2020 Download
COVID Letter to parents 01st Nov 2021 Download
Calendar Dates 2021/22 10th Sep 2021 Download
Letter to parents 10/09/21 10th Sep 2021 Download
Contact Tracing - Half Term Holiday June 2021 28th May 2021 Download
Pre-School Fee Increases from Sept. 2021 23rd Jun 2021 Download
Letter To Parents 18th June 2021 18th Jun 2021 Download
SRE Letter to parents June 11th 2021 11th Jun 2021 Download
E-Safety Guide 18th Nov 2020 Download
Warn & Inform Letter 04th Dec 2021 Download
Calendar Update and Further Info 05/05/22 05th May 2022 Download
Pre-school fees 2022/23 Increase 08th Jun 2022 Download
Welcome Back Sept 2022 02nd Sep 2022 Download
Ashill Calendar 2022 2023.docx 1 07th Oct 2022 Download
Pantomime Trip 2022 14th Oct 2022 Download
Home School Learning Provision 20th Mar 2020 Download
Bristol Trip 22 23 03rd Feb 2023 Download
Swimming 03rd Feb 2023 Download
Letter To Parents COV-ID 19 UPDATE 18th Mar 2020 Download
Corona Virus_Letter To Parents 18th Mar 2020 Download
A Letter From Joanne Crocker 03rd Apr 2020 Download
Jennifer Price 05th Jun 2020 Download
Home Learning 22nd June 2020 22nd Jun 2020 Download
Summer School 24th Jun 2020 Download
School Health 26th Jun 2020 Download
Letter To Parents 07 07 2020 08th Jul 2020 Download
Virtual Assembly Details 1 08th Jul 2020 Download
COVID Home/School Agreement 16th Jul 2020 Download
COVID Checker Guide 15th Sep 2020 Download
Introducing ParentMail 18th Sep 2020 Download
Using Google Classroom 20th Mar 2020 Download
SATS Club Autumn Term 2020 09th Nov 2020 Download
Remote Learning Parent Guide 18th Nov 2020 Download
First fortnight Learning Project Overview 23rd Mar 2020 Download
Letter to parents 4th Jan. 2021 04th Jan 2021 Download
Home Learning January 2021 06th Jan 2021 Download
School closure letter to parents 20.3.20 20th Mar 2020 Download
Return To School Monday 8th March 2021 02nd Mar 2021 Download
Forest School Easter Holidays 2021 15th Mar 2021 Download
Contact Tracing Over Easter 31st Mar 2021 Download
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