Sentence Stems

Sentence stems

At school, the children are encouraged to speak in full, coherent sentences when sharing their ideas and using spoken language. 

To help them with this process we have created a bank of sentence stems which give the children scaffolding when constructing an answer. The children have access to these stems in their classrooms and they are also built into teacher’s planning. 

Whilst the children will use sentence stems in the different subject areas, each term will have a specific focus.

Term 1: Evaluation

Term 2: Prediction

Term 3: Opinion

Term 4: Conclusion

Term 5: Argument

Term 6: Comparison 


You may wish to use these with your children at home.


EYFS Sentence Stems

Slide1 1024x709 - Oracy


KS1 Sentence stems

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KS2 Sentence stems

Sentence stems KS2 1024x709 - Oracy

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